Kristi Mungure

Hi! I am Kristi, scientist, Mum of two and cousin to teacher Tui.

Last year I was teaching university students about the human body and this year I get to teach my baby and toddler and watch them grow!

Tui and I were talking one day about how much we love to teach and watch little ones grow and we decided to start this exciting project together where we get to help you nurture your children and students into little learners as they grow with a thirst for lifelong learning.

My current focus on this blog is the My Little Body series where I talk all about teaching our young toddlers, preschoolers and grade schoolers about their body.

Overwhelmed by everything that you want to do/teach/learn?

My goal is too see love teaching and learning about the body alongside your little one without the overwhelm.

Play and learn with us!

My teaching and learning style? I love to teach intentionally and reflectively through play. I’m intentional about the play invitations I use and teach them according to their interests. I also challenge my daughters regularly by providing them with new invitations to play that challenge both their interests and abilities. I have found that children love a challenge and will rise to the occasion more than we expect much of the time!

Overall, learning should be fun, learning should be challenging and learning should be rewarding. 


Tui McIntyre

Tui is a newlywed year 1 & 2 teacher in New Zealand.

She’s a stellar teacher and will be focusing on helping you teach your little learners literacy using brain science.

She will help you teach the way the brain learns!

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